Hi Everyone!

Those of you that want to have access to the LearnLenormand Forum (now back up and running as well), please email me: admin at learnenormand dot com with the following subject line and information to make things easier on me:




Desired Username:



Given all the spammers out there, I receive a LOT of emails so I tend to ignore a lot of them. If you do not provide me with a desired username, I will not create your account. Those of you still waiting on accounts, please email me back with that information, and I will get to it.


Admin Stuff I’ve been Ignoring

Over the next few weeks, I will be going through the website with a fine tooth comb, and I will be tinkering with back-end plugins, the Forum, etc. If you see a white error screen, don’t worry… I’m probably already pulling my hair out and aware of the issue.


Love you all, and thank you!



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