Lenormand Key Card Combinations

These Lenormand Key card combinations are intended to help you learn how to read Lenormand combinations. These combinations aren’t meant for you to memorize because, as you’ll soon learn, the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. Until then, let these Lenormand Key card combinations guide you.

Key + rider (1): important message, significant information, important visitor

Key + clover (2): luck, positive times, synchronicity

Key + ship (3): successful travels, important business

Key + house (4): important family, literally key to a house

Key + tree (5): needed health improvements, spiritual matters

Key + clouds (6): needed clarity, interference

Key + snake (7): important woman, danger, act wisely

Key + coffin (8): illness, important transformation

Key + bouquet (9): be happy, good times

Key + scythe (10): important decision, be careful

Key + whip (11): significant conversations, important actions, important competition

Key + birds (12): power couple, important phone call

Key + child (13): spiritual child, necessary new beginning

Key + fox (14): important job, need to be crafty

Key + bear (15): financial gain, take charge

Key + star (16): success and respect, important recognition

Key + stork (17): necessary change, significant change

Key + dog (18): necessary assistance, important friend

Key + tower (19): success with authorities, important company

Key + garden (20): significant network, something becomes public

Key + mountain (21): necessary delays, spiritual retreat

Key + crossroad (22): decision needs to be made

Key + mice (23): beware of loss or damage, be vigilant

Key + heart (24): significant love interest, express your affection

Key + ring (25): necessary commitment, stay on your path, keep your word

Key + book (26): secret is revealed, spiritual studies

Key + letter (27): required news, important message

Key + man (28): significant man, dependable man

Key + woman (29): safe woman, important woman

Key + lily (30): remain calm, significant older man

Key + sun (31): success, you have what it takes to reach your goals

Key + moon (32): psychic dreams, success

Key + fish (34): needed money, be alert

Key + anchor (35): important haven, reaching goals

Key + cross (36): destiny, sacrifice

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