Rider Lenormand Card Combinations

The following Lenormand Rider combinations are by no means exhaustive. The more you work with the Lenormand Oracle, the more you will see that the list of combinations never ends. Even though there are some “set in stone” meanings from tradition, you will find that there is an exception to the rule from time-to-time. So let this list help you learn how to read Lenormand and how to combine the rider with other Lenormand cards.


Rider + clover (2): good news, a lucky young man

Rider + ship (3): news about travel, a message from far away

Rider + house (4): a visitor to the home, news about a house

Rider + tree (5): health-related news

Rider + clouds (6): a confusing message

Rider + snake (7): news from a woman, difficult news

Rider + coffin (8): negative news, news about an ending, slow down

Rider + bouquet (9): an invitation is received, happy news

Rider + scythe (10): sudden news, news of an accident, news of a surgery

Rider + whip (11): mediation, news will bring quarrels

Rider + birds (12): gossip, news over the phone, many messages

Rider + child (13): birth announcement, message about a new start, a young boy

Rider + fox (14): false message, job news

Rider + bear (15): news from an official, financial news

Rider + stars (16): hope, inspiring message, a famous man

Rider + stork (17): news of change, news about moving

Rider + dog (18): news from a friend

Rider + tower (19): news from authorities, a lonely young man

Rider + garden (20): news about an event, guests, meeting new people

Rider + mountain (21): a delayed message, news about obstacles

Rider + crossroad (22): news about a decision, multiple offers

Rider + mice (23): a worrying message, a lost message

Rider + heart (24): love message, flirtation, a new love

Rider + ring (25): marriage proposal, new contract

Rider + book (26): secret news, news about studies, discovery

Rider + letter (27): documents, mail, packages

Rider + man (28): a new man, news from a man, an athletic man

Rider + woman (29): a new woman, news from a woman, an active woman

Rider + lily (30): news of rest, news from an older man

Rider + sun (31): news of success, news of achievement

Rider + moon (32): news about creativity, emotional news, a romantic young man

Rider + key (33): important news, news will surely come, news of success

Rider + fish (34): financial news, business news, a businessman

Rider + anchor (35): work-related news, reassuring news

Rider + cross (36): fateful news, worrying news

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  1. Lee VZ says:

    I have started to learn this deck and find this very helpful, thank you

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks Lee! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the site. I’m regularly adding new content on how to read Lenormand. For more hand-on help learning Lenormand, you might like my Learn Lenormand Forum.

      • Frater Goya says:

        I’m brazilian student and praticioner of lenormand. I’m starting in my website (www.cih.org.br) a section of lenormand cards. I would like to invite you to be a writer in this section. We can also translate (with credits, of course) your website content to help publicize the same, and put your link in our links section.

        • Stephen says:

          I wish I knew more Portuguese..! Thank you for the invite, Frater Goya. It is something to consider sometime in the future when I have more time available. I think the New Year should bring new opportunities and we can revisit then.

          Best of luck on your website, I took a look around and you cover interesting subjects that do go hand in hand with what I plan to cover here.

          Feliz Navidad y prospero año (hopefully my Spanish is better than my Portuguese).

  2. Dulcie Poissant says:

    I wanted to write you a little bit of note so as to say thank you for the breathtaking tactics you have shared on Lenormand. It was really generous of you to convey this information. Some people would have sold this as an ebook to make a profit on it. You could possibly have done it if you desired. The basics you give are a fantastic way to understand that other individuals have a similar passion for Lenormand just like my own. I know there are many more pleasurable occasions up for individuals that read your blog.

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks Dulcie! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the information on this site. I do have a lot more information to share, like you mentioned. I hope you and others enjoy it just as much!

  3. anytafreya says:

    can you recommend an old book lenormand ? i;m interested about this tarot…i know only few knowledges about lenormand but i want impruve my ” abilityes”.

    thankyou, and best regards from Freya.

    • Stephen says:

      Most books are in French or German. There aren’t any I’d recommend in English yet, although andybc is supposed to be releasing one soon. I haven’t read it though. I’m working on a book, but I don’t know when it’ll be ready for publication. Right now, the best way to learn Lenormand in English is from websites and forums.

  4. anytafreya says:

    thank you for the answer.
    have a wonderful week.

  5. Magnus says:

    So what is the ‘stand alone’ meaning for the rider?

  6. yiota says:


    i d like to ask some combinations i do not underastand like
    rider+whip= mediation what do you mean by that?
    rider+snake= difficult news
    rider+book= secret news
    rider+cross= fatefull news
    thank you

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