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Lenormand Scythe Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Scythe combinations was created to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. It isn’t a complete list of Scythe combinations, by any means. The more you learn to read Lenormand and learn how to make your own card combinations, you’ll find that there is an endless list of possible Lenormand card combinations. For now, use this guide for Lenormand Scythe card combinations help you in your studies.

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Lenormand Scythe Meaning

Keywords: WARNING, fast decisions, cuts, pain, accidents, surgery.

General Description: The Lenormand Scythe is about fast cuts – cutting away a problem, ending a relationship, surgery… It’s a warning that something is about to happen, and that “something” will likely be permanent. It’s quick, analytical, and emotionless.