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Like many others, you were drawn to the occult, and hoped to learn for yourself the secrets it might hold…

You purchased books, Tarot decks, plus all sorts of divination implements…Waited for days — perhaps weeks — and felt super excited whenever you finally received them!

You’ve cradled the new cards lovingly in your hands, just to get a feel for them!

Put your nose to them just to see how they smelled before fondly setting out to look at each card — one by one!

And just like a child eagerly cracking open a new comic book, you couldn’t wait to try out one of the spreads in the little white book!

All in the Hopes of Piercing the Veil,
and Seeing Glimpses of the Future!

Only to feel…

  • Disappointed by the lack of information in the book that came with them.
  • Confused by the author’s instructions…
  • Discouraged by the poor results that followed, and perhaps…
  • You were secretly hoping someone could give you some guidance, and answer your questions…

I might have been reading cards professionally for over 20 years, but…

I Started Off Exactly Where You Are Now

Wishing someone could teach me too!

You’re not alone..! I’ve been in your shoes, as have many others!

Hi! I’m Stephen,

My passion for card reading was peaked at a very tender age as I watched my aunts and uncles playing “Dame de Pique” around my grand-mother’s dining room table.

As a 4 year old, I found the arguments around the table exciting.

I was absolutely thrilled as my uncles’ cursed their luck, tossed their cards down in disgust and groaned when they were forced to lower their scores.

What did my aunts and uncles see in those benign-looking pieces of paper..?

What was all the excitement about..?

Imagine the curious 4 year old boy, spying at people’s cards trying to find the answer.

Was it in the gloss of the paper? Those hearts and diamonds, the faces on the cards?

What could possibly cause all that commotion around the table?

Imagine my wonder when I found out that some people could actually read the future with them..!

“I Never Looked at Cards the Same Way Again!”

But back then I had no clue HOW to read them.

I was sixteen by the time I was even allowed to purchase my first Tarot deck, or bring it to a family gathering!

My cousins, aunts and uncles were patient with me as I consulted my books for answers, but were often delighted by the results!

Then I found the Petit Lenormand,
and I immediately fell in love with these cards!

Maybe it was my French roots from Normandy, but I was drawn to the Lenormand Oracle!

The fact that they looked like playing cards with extra images on them appealed to my love of playing cards, and I was dumbfounded when I learned people typically used EACH and EVERY CARD in the deck for a reading.

Eventually, I started to see cards as much more than mere points to be added and subtracted based on some set of rules…

Never had I seen a system that
was as dynamic and versatile!

(You can even use them with the Tarot!)

Years later, the cards themselves are now
telling me stories; sharing secrets…

I didn’t believe you at first, Stephen!

There was no way that the father of my child was having an affair behind my back! You said that: not only was he cheating, but that he wouldn’t be able to hide it for much longer!!

Well guess what!?

A few days ago, I got a call from a woman who demanded that I leave my husband! That he belonged to her, and that I had no business to be with him!


Thanks for agreeing to read at our Hallowe’en party! The guests had a blast and had only good things to say for what you did!

However, my wife and I should have listened to your warnings about how much personal information they can reveal! NO ONE KNEW that we were actively trying to have a baby! That was one HECK of (many) bombshells that evening! Next time, we’re setting you up in a corner away from everyone. 😀


I don’t know how your cards knew that I was even considering to do something illegal, but your cards stopped me in my tracks. I told those friends that I wouldn’t be able to help them, and decided to apply for an actual job!

Thank you so much for the wake-up call!


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The Lenormand Can Share Its Secrets With You Too!

I’ve been told by my closest friends, relatives and several clients that I’ve hit the mark far too close to home at times.

Some have felt exposed and vulnerable as their secrets — things that they keep close to their hearts; things that they wouldn’t tell anyone about — have surfaced in my readings.

  • They admired someone? The cards knew.
  • Were they being faithful? The truth came out in the cards…
  • Thinking about raising some sort of mischief? The cards definitely know that too…

Whatever their concerns, fears and doubts, the Petit Lenormand has helped me make spookily-accurate predictions.


Of course, you could go off and pay for an on-line course or book with your hard-earned money, but…

Wouldn’t it be even better if you could START LEARNING NOW, WITHOUT spending a cent?

That’s why I created Learn Lenormand™

A place where members can…

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Now, I know what you’re thinking… this can’t possibly be legit!
There must be a catch in becoming a member!

Not so!!

Some people would have sold these tactics for money!
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I’ve welcomed thousands of students over the last decade!

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