Advanced Techniques for Reading the Petit Lenormand Grand Tableau – Part 4

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  1. ilene dunn says:

    What does it mean when the querent (woman) falls in the last house (cross),
    and the cross falls in the woman’s house?

    Also, the tower falls in the anchor house,
    and the anchor falls in the tower house.

    As you can see, the tower and the woman cards are next to each other
    in the last two houses.

    Thanks for your input –

    • Stephen says:

      When the querent falls in the last house, it normally means she’s about to undergo some big changes in her life. Her future is unknown, so we don’t know what those changes are. All we know is what led to the changes. With the Woman in the house of the Cross and the Cross in the house of the Woman, these changes could be a burden for her and feel like they’re fated.

    • whatelse4 says:

      Hello! Lady in the Cross means someone who had undergone some trip or is returned from a diligence(if work involved).

    • whatelse4 says:

      Also Cross in the Lady’s house would mean you are a self- centered person, you give great importance to yourself, your life and happiness, it has a holistic impact in your inner world.
      Cross intensifies every house and card it meets. Also Cross refers to timeless distances and spaces so it would be good to interpret it as a long- term evolution of things, here Stars have also a quite similar efect, but only excluding the practical nature of the Cross, Star is good for love themes, it signifies the long term relationship, as it is standing in the natural order of the cards before the ring and combining it in the diagonals.

  2. Annie says:

    When combining the card and house is the House card A and dealt card B.? So A ( noun) and B ( qualifies). Example- Mice in House of Whip = arguments that lead. To worries. Or is it reversed, worries that lead to arguments?

  3. t'mara says:

    would you use this technique to do the complete grand tableau, or just to get more information on specific cards?

    i read the suggestion to only use two or three of these special techniques per reading. if you use more do you find they begin to contradict each other?

    do you use the noun-adjective technique in conjunction with the house system?

    would you suggest “knighting the lady and gentleman in a “couples” reading? (a reading about their relationship?)

    the lady and gentleman are in a way mirrored in yopur sample grand tableau, is there significance in that?

    thanks for your time and answers. t

  4. Linda says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Reading Lenormand Grand Tableau: Advanced Techniques | Learn Lenormand, thanks for the good read!
    — Linda

  5. Vandana says:

    Hi, First of all I’d like to thank you for the very informative and lucidly written pieces.
    Some questions I have:

    1) It seems to me that the House system is an alternative approach to the string system of reading. So when is this recommended over the string system and how is it differentiated in reading?
    One application I can see is it tells about what is happening in the various aspects of a querrent’s life. For example a ring falling in the house of the bouquet could mean legal/contractual relationships are doing well. And the mirroring technique could be used to glean more about whether it is a ealtionship/contract; while knighting could be used to infer what’s going on at a deeper level on that account.
    I am interested in learning more.

    2) Where would I be able to find a more detailed write up on the 8×4 + 4 Grand Tableaux method please? I would like to learn about using the fate cards.

    I am also anxiously awaiting your write up on consolidating the advanced reading techniques.

    • Stephen says:

      1. A string reading is when you do a 3- to 5-card spread reading. The House system is used when doing a GT. I have more information on the two in this article: Basic Guidelines for Reading with the Petit Lenormand

      Houses, knighting and mirroring are used in a GT exactly as you described. Mirroring can also be used in a string reading, giving additional card combinations and information to answer the question posted in a string reading.

      2. There isn’t too much more information to add about the fate cards. They’re simply cards read as a string to indicate what’s to come. The center column of a 9×4 can be read as the fate cards, essentially highlighting important information to know.

    • kat says:

      Hi, today is my birthday and I decided to a general GT for the upcoming 12 months. You said that you see the center column as the fate column, & my card (the Lady) fell in the center column at the bottom in house 32. if i’m in the fate column, what does that mean exactly? Thank you!

  6. Jay says:

    Stephen, this is a wonderful series that you’ve created and I’ve learned a lot. It appears that this last post was done sometime mid-November, 2012.

    What happened to part 5: Putting it all together?

    • Stephen says:

      LOL ! — Hi Jay, and thanks for pointing that out..! To be honest, life happened, but I do need to start tackling that one don’t I?

      I’m glad the rest of the series was helpful, and I should be pouring my efforts into getting back into the Lenormand saddle really soon. Stay Tuned..!


  7. Nat says:

    Love your tutorials, can’t wait to see what is next. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  8. Stephen says:

    Hi Celia! I’m sorry to say you’re not the first person to ask! Life got the best of me and I’ve been rather busy.

    I’ll see if I can get that out to everyone this summer.


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