Petit Etteilla

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  1. Matthew Bartsch says:

    Well! this is a wonderful bit of information. I’m used to using the classic 78 card tarot, so I’m curious to try this new style. Have you experimented with it at all? How is it going for you?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Matthew! I need to update this page, but yes, I have redone my deck a few times, and do plan on using it more. Elzbet on the forum has used it more often and might have more insights. So far though, it seems to be more choppy and less intuitive for me, but I’m still learning. If more people are interested in the Petit Etteilla, we could get a group going.

      Best of luck!

  2. Silvermist says:

    Hi Lord Ewin. I discovered your website yesterday and i must say i’m very impressed. I became interested in cards reading 2 years ago,when i began with a simple set of cards and afterwards i continued with tarot. I’m not a pro,although i wish i could be but lately i played the cards for some people and my predictions came true which encourouges me to continue.
    I will check your website everyday to see what you write new,and to comment about this post: The petit etteilla, i must say that im looking forward to see if it worked for you.
    I already noted my cards with the explanations from the table.Maybe you could explain how you do the reading cause it’s confusing me a while.
    And one more thing,the tarot i’m using is also called Lenormand but it’s not the same pictures and numbers as the tarot you explained about.
    I will post you a link(i dont know how to insert the image) so that you know what i’m talking about and maybe you help me somehow.
    Sorry for the long message and my bad english.Next time i will be shorter. 🙂
    Here’s the link:

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Silvermist! I’m glad you like the site, and please don’t worry about your English. English isn’t my first language either, it’s French! 😉

      I have to admit that I haven’t been able to experiment with my Etteilla as much as I would have liked. Life takes us where it likes, and the road is often full of interesting scenarios and forces us to stay away from our curiosities (like Etteilla for me). Hopefully the New Year will allow me to catch up on those plans which I’ve had to leave behind this past year, including Etteilla. Might I suggest you join us on the Forum where we could discuss Etteilla in more detail..? Hopefully we’ll have more people interested, and we can start a reading practice group.

      With respect to the Lenormand Tarot, no, it is not the Petit Jeu Lenormand. Its artwork suggest Lenormand themes, but it is very much a Tarot, which the Petit Lenormand is not.

  3. Janangel says:

    Have you got a forum set up for reading and understanding the Lenormand Oracles? I would be interested in signing up for group discussions and readings.

  4. Lady Owl Heart says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I followed your instructions and made a Petit Etteilla and have one question. I see that both AIR and WATER are in Diamonds which is throwing me off. Shouldn’t WATER be in the Hearts suit?

    I have Paul Huson’s Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot which is based on Etteilla’s meanings. From what I gather Batons/Diamonds are AIR, Swords/Spades are indeed FIRE. Cups/Hearts are Water and Coins/Clubs are Earth.

    I want to place Water in the Hearts suit but what card?

    Thank you!

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Lady Heart, I understand completely! Etteilla doesn’t explain his reasoning for the meanings he assigned to the cards. I don’t think he was using cartomancy meanings when he created the deck, which would explain why Water is in Diamonds. I think Etteilla just had a Piquet deck handy and used it to write meanings on.

      If you put Water in the Hearts suit, you’re changing the deck. I suppose you could just swap the meanings on one of the Heart Cards for the Water’s Diamond card. It’ll just be something you’ll have to remember when you discuss spreads with anyone because you’ll have a different deck from everyone else.

  5. Sammy says:

    Hello Stephen,

    Wonderful and very informative article–congratulations. I looking forward to reading other articles by you. I am waiting to get my first Petit Ettiella deck. I am excited and I will apply your interpretations to the cards. However, I do have a question and its about timing events.

    I know that in cartomancy using regular playing cards each card can represent a week in a year since their are 52 cards which equals 52 weeks. So timing events is easy. But how do you do the same thing with your Petit Ettiella cards? I think there are a total of 30 or 32 cards so I really don’t know what day, week, or month you can apply to a particular card to determine the timing of events. Can you help me with my question. Thank you.


    • Stephen says:

      Hi Sammy,

      When you get your first Petit Etteilla deck, you’ll notice the cards have numbers on them. You add the numbers up to find out the time period the spread covers.

  6. Laura says:

    I read with big interest about the Petit Etteilla deck.

    However, you don’t explains how to read cards in the Etteilla Fashion.

    Also try to register to the Forum without succes since I don’t know your eMail and registration is not possible.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Laura, sorry for the delay in responding!!

      I was hoping to actually create a page on that at some point, but I had other priorities at the time..! I’ll add it to the to do list for future site updates.

      Warmest regards,

  7. Victor says:

    Hi Stephen, I would like to first thank you for introducing to the Lenormand. Yours was the first site into my wonderful journey in discovering this wonderful system.
    I was also looking recently into learning the petit etteilla, before the website update I used the chart to label my playing cards. I know you have lots to do so I too cant wait till the section for petit etteilla to be finished. And maybe get registered for the forum.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Victor!
      A section on Etteilla would be worth it in my opinion! However, I believe Etteilla needs to be modernized a bit in order to be better understood.


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