Lenormand Lily Card Combinations

These Lenormand Lily combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. This isn’t an exhaustive list for you to memorize. In time, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Lily card combinations guide you.

Lily + rider (1): old news, message from a lover, peace comes from some news

Lily + clover (2): good times, good sex, an older man is lucky

Lily + ship (3): restful trip, winter trip

Lily + house (4): old house, man’s family

Lily + tree (5): age-related health issues, sexual health problems

Lily + clouds (6): discontent, uncertainty, sexual problems, problems with family, senile

Lily + snake (7): man and a woman, sexual partners, troublesome older man, meanness

Lily + coffin (8): no sex life, forgetful, peace ends, divorced man

Lily + bouquet (9): joyful retirement, happy man, bouquet of lilies

Lily + scythe (10): accident, older surgeon, harmony ends, lack of passion

Lily + whip (11): stubborn arguments, old conflicts, slow to act

Lily + birds (12): older couple, counseling, long conversations

Lily + child (13): oldest child, grandfather and grandchild

Lily + fox (14): long-term job, affair, sneaking around, sexual problems

Lily + bear (15): pension, money for retirement, 401(k), aggressive businessman

Lily + star (16): lifetime achievement reward, famous man, good sex

Lily + stork (17): changes finally happen, man makes change, pregnancy

Lily + dog (18): old dog, lifelong friend

Lily + tower (19): assisted living center, government official, CEO

Lily + garden (20): senior center, sex in public

Lily + mountain (21): no movement, progress is blocked, no sex life

Lily + crossroad (22): man makes a decision, man has choices

Lily + mice (23): Alzheimer’s, sexually transmitted disease

Lily + heart (24): older love, passionate love

Lily + ring (25): married later in life, man makes an agreement

Lily + book (26): old books, expertise, secret affair, unknown man

Lily + letter (27): old letters, man receives a message, provocative letter

Lily + man (28): older man, mentor, grandfather, two men

Lily + woman (29): older woman, man and a woman, grandmother, mother

Lily + sun (31): successful man, success comes late in life, positive sexual experience

Lily + moon (32): sexual encounter, creative man

Lily + key (33): important man, mentor, certainty

Lily + fish (34): family business, old money

Lily + anchor (35): things won’t change for a while, inheritance, long-term peace and calm

Lily + cross (36): depression, bad sex

2 Responses

  1. Gur says:

    Do lily always refer to older man

    • Stephen says:

      No, not always, but if that’s how you have programmed to read it, it’s a good interpretation. You can extrapolate from older man to meaning “touched by age” thus giving that aged quality to any other card it might qualify.

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