Lenormand Moon Card Combinations

These Lenormand Moon combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. This isn’t an exhaustive list for you to memorize. In time, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Moon card combinations guide you.

Moon + rider (1): romance with a new love interest, emotional visitor

Moon + clover (2): unexpected fame, good fortune

Moon + ship (3): honeymoon, night cruise

Moon + house (4): successful family, custom-built house

Moon + tree (5): emotional health, depression

Moon + clouds (6): depression, romantic uncertainty, uncertain fame

Moon + snake (7): emotional woman, emotional dishonesty, creative woman, disappointment

Moon + coffin (8): sadness, mental health, lack of creativity

Moon + bouquet (9): happiness, art work

Moon + scythe (10): emotional decision, separation, instability

Moon + whip (11): touchy subject, arguments related to creativity (ex: temperamental artist), conflicted about success, foreplay

Moon + birds (12): lovers, promising discussion

Moon + child (13): fertility, creative child

Moon + fox (14): creative job, successful job

Moon + bear (15): famous boss, financially rewarding project, recognition by management

Moon + star (16): psychic, honor, the night sky

Moon + stork (17): success brings change, creativity

Moon + dog (18): emotional support, affections for a friend, successful friend

Moon + tower (19): emotional protection, big fame, honored by the government

Moon + garden (20): meeting at night, night life, popular

Moon + mountain (21): lack of creativity, loneliness, no romance

Moon + crossroad (22): emotional decision, lack of commitment, 2 paths of success

Moon + mice (23): insecure, depression, insomnia

Moon + heart (24): romance, deep love/passion

Moon + ring (25): marriage, creative contract

Moon + book (26): successful book, night class, fiction book

Moon + letter (27): love letter, award, acceptance

Moon + man (28): charming man, emotional man

Moon + woman (29): sensitive woman, intuitive woman

Moon + lily (30): romance with a mature man, emotional security

Moon + sun (31): chemistry, big success

Moon + key (33): success is certain, important project

Moon + fish (34): successful business, creative business, deep emotional connection

Moon + anchor (35): long-term success, emotional stability

Moon + cross (36): emotional burden, challenging creative project

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