Lenormand Moon Meaning

Keywords: Emotions, fame, creativity, evening, moodiness, romance, arts, intuition

General Description: The Lenormand Moon is a great card if you’re looking for fame. It doesn’t mean you have to be a famous celebrity, but it does mean you’ll receive recognition of some sort.

The Moon can also indicate romance and the feelings associated with it. It also can represent creative endeavors – writing a book, an art project, etc.

Career: You’re well-known in your field and success should continue.

Possible jobs: Artist, entertainer

Health: You might need to take some time to recharge.

The Body: Energy field and chakras

Love: The chance of romance is strong. Mutual feelings exist between you and your loved one.

Physical Description/Qualities: Well-known, motherly, round-faced, soft, loving, creative

Timing: The Lenormand Moon indicates the New Moon or within one month.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Moon represents the eight of hearts. It’s about small joys and satisfaction, serenity, and sincere emotions.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Moon Card Combinations

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  1. Annie says:

    Dear LE, thank you for your fabulous site. I stumbled on it few weeks ago and
    was the major factor for me to learn Le Petit Lenormand. I ha_e since been studying the cards one by one but now that I am coming to the last cards 33 to 36, I dont seem to be able to find them. Could you possibly direct me on how to find them.
    Warmest regards.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Annie! Glad you found the site useful! The last remaining cards haven’t been posted yet as I haven’t been able to sit down and write them yet. Give it a few weeks, and we should have a complete set of cards on the blog for you! 🙂

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