Lenormand Ship Meaning

Keywords: TRAVEL, business, international, foreign, transportation.

General Description: The Ship is about journeys, long or short. It can be about immigration and international travel. When this card appears, you might be about to take a trip to different country or somewhere you can explore. It can also represent business, particularly merchants, where it can show “your ship is coming in.” The ship may even represent your car, a bus, a boat, or other moving vehicles.

Career: Good business can be expected. If you’ve been waiting for something to appear, it should arrive soon.

Possible jobs: Coast Guard, working on a ship (cruise ship, fishing boat, etc), travel industry, Navy, import/export

Health: Alternative medicine, minerals

The Body: Liver

Love: You might be in a long-distance relationship or someone from another country. Look for love outside of your zip code. The ship can also show that you’re waiting for love to come to you.

Physical Description/Qualities: Traveler, foreign born, worldly

Timing: The ship is connected to the number 3. It can mean March, 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. If the mountain is present, it can mean 3 years.

Cartomancy: Things are happening quickly.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Ship Card Combinations

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