Lenormand Sun Card Combinations

These Lenormand Sun combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. This isn’t an exhaustive list for you to memorize. In time, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Sun card combinations guide you.

Sun + rider (1): great visit is about to happen, good news, successful encounter

Sun + clover (2): great luck, gambling success, good timing

Sun + ship (3): summer trip, success overseas

Sun + house (4): success at home, perfect house, hot house (e.g., air conditioning not working)

Sun + tree (5): good health, full of energy

Sun + clouds (6): success is fleeting, things aren’t what they appear

Sun + snake (7): successful women, success brings problems

Sun + coffin (8): successful ending, troubles could occur

Sun + bouquet (9): success and happiness

Sun + scythe (10): positive decision, fast ending, good results

Sun + whip (11): competition, sex, debate

Sun + birds (12): good conversations, great speech

Sun + child (13): promising start, energetic child

Sun + fox (14): success based on something unconventional, success based on deception, job success

Sun + bear (15): money is on its way, fortunate man

Sun + star (16): someone famous, honor, achievement, award

Sun + stork (17): positive change, desired outcome

Sun + dog (18): successful friend, good friend

Sun + tower (19): electric company, increased power, increased protection

Sun + garden (20): successful event, good party

Sun + mountain (21): delayed success, volcano

Sun + crossroad (22): branching out, expanding, pleasant walk

Sun + mice (23): loss of energy, fatigue, power outage

Sun + heart (24): passion, significant love

Sun + ring (25): great relationship, signed contract is successful

Sun + book (26): success at school, important information

Sun + letter (27): good news, award

Sun + man (28): charismatic, successful

Sun + woman (29): high energy, outgoing, optimistic

Sun + lily (30): success comes slowly, success later in life

Sun + moon (32): creative success, great romance

Sun + key (33): certain success, yes

Sun + fish (34): successful business, financial increase

Sun + anchor (35): goal is reached, success leads to staying put

Sun + cross (36): success is a burden, success is destined

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