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Lenormand Tarot 8

Combining Lenormand with Tarot

If you are a Tarot enthusiast, then you will be tempted to use the Petit Lenormand in a Tarot spread… Don’t deny it! I know you will! (Yes, I am grinning mysteriously, and no… there’s nothing wrong in doing that, really). I’ve been there myself, and I have seen countless others do the same as well! What you might not realize, however, is that you aren’t using your Petit Lenormand to its maximum potential in doing so…


Lenormand Bouquet Meaning

Keywords: HAPPINESS, beauty, gift, joy, invitation.

Also known as: Flowers

General Description: The Lenormand Bouquet is something positive. It’s about things that bring a smile to your face, something to make you say thank you, the sign that everything is good… When the bouquet appears, you know something nice is going on.