Lenormand Birds Card Combinations

Let these Lenormand Birds combinations guide you in learning to read Lenormand card combinations. This list of combinations is by no means exhaustive. As you learn to read Lenormand combinations, you’ll find that the list of possible card combinations is endless. For now, use this guide for Lenormand Birds card combinations help you in your studies.

Birds + rider (1): many messages, response, discussions, 2 boys

Birds + clover (2): productive conversations, lucky phone call

Birds + ship (3): two travelers, conversations/phone call about a trip

Birds + house (4): conversations about a house, roommates, real estate sales and marketing

Birds + tree (5): important conversations, nurses, spiritual discussions, bird watching

Birds + clouds (6): misunderstanding, confusing conversation

Birds + snake (7): gossip, difficult discussions, phone call from a woman

Birds + coffin (8): silence, break up

Birds + bouquet (9): happy conversation, fun date

Birds + scythe (10): split, difficult negotiations

Birds + whip (11): arguments, disagreements

Birds + child (13): two children, twins, siblings

Birds + fox (14): dishonest message, job related conversations/phone call

Birds + bear (15): conversations with a boss or mother figure

Birds + stars (16): promising phone call

Birds + stork (17): conversations bring change

Birds + dog (18): talking with friends or relatives

Birds + tower (19): legal discussions

Birds + garden (20): conventions, seminars, speeches

Birds + mountain (21): no response

Birds + crossroad (22): phone call about a decision, separation

Birds + mice (23): stress and anxiety, no discussions

Birds + heart (24): lovers, talks about love

Birds + ring (25): agreement, multiple contracts

Birds + book (26): students, teachers, secrets

Birds + letter (27): media, many messages

Birds + man (28): salesman, talkative man

Birds + woman (29): mediator, good speaker

Birds + lily (30): elderly couple, lengthy discussions

Birds + sun (31): successful interview, great phone call

Birds + moon (32): creative speaker, performer

Birds + key (33): good communication, promising connection

Birds + fish (34): sales industry, fleeting money

Birds + anchor (35): stable relationship, meeting

Birds + cross (36): hard conversation

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  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for this site! I am new to Lenormand. I got the book by Rana George and the deck in the blue box. I’m struggling with anything more than 2 cards. I got cards 12, 27, and 28, for “what should my focus be in the next 24 hours?” I took it to be that I may communicate with a man who speaks up often. Anyway, it’s fun!

    • Stephen says:

      Congrats in stepping into the Lenormand reading! It’s a pretty good interpretation, I might have read it as: “Written exchanges with a lawyer (or some other profession that drafts complex documents)…

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