Lenormand Book Card Combinations

These Lenormand Book combinations were created to help you learn Lenormand. It isn’t an exhaustive list of Lenormand card combinations. As you progress in your Lenormand studies, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is infinite. For now, let these Lenormand Book card combinations help you as you learn.

Book + rider (1): message reveals a secret, unexpected visitor

Book + clover (2): lucky discovery, unexpected breakthrough

Book + ship (3): international studies, secret trip

Book + house (4): home inspection, unknown house, documents for a house

Book + tree (5): medical studies, arborist

Book + clouds (6): confusing information, unhelpful information

Book + snake (7): wisdom, lies, misinformed

Book + coffin (8): end of studies, secret is revealed

Book + bouquet (9): happy discovery, successful studies

Book + scythe (10): studying to be a surgeon, secret is revealed, unexpected ending or decision

Book + whip (11): secret is hard to keep, exams, challenging studies

Book + birds (12): public speaking classes, PR expert, discussions about something learned

Book + child (13): student, secret child

Book + fox (14): teacher, useful information

Book + bear (15): accounting books, financial studies

Book + star (16): esoteric studies, good information

Book + stork (17): changes happen in secret, studies change

Book + dog (18): intelligent friend, friend with a secret, shy friend, dog training

Book + tower (19): college/university, legal studies, political science major, professor

Book + garden (20): published book, workshop, “meet the author” events, seminar

Book + mountain (21): geological studies, information is hard to gather, studies are delayed

Book + crossroad (22): two books, decision about one’s studies, dual major

Book + mice (23): stressful studies, final exams, failed exams, expensive education

Book + heart (24): secret admirer, secret crush, cardiologist

Book + ring (25): diploma, secret relationship

Book + letter (27): secret message, documents

Book + man (28): shy man, intelligent man

Book + woman (29): woman with a secret, educated woman

Book + lily (30): affair, unknown man, expert

Book + sun (31): successful studies, successful exams, highly intelligent, positive discovery

Book + moon (32): psychologist, psychiatrist, creative writer, successful book

Book + key (33): important discovery, secret is revealed, very successful book

Book + fish (34): business major, MBA, marine biologist, unexpected money

Book + anchor (35): long-term studies

Book + cross (36): secret is a burden, religious studies, fated knowledge

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    Thank you so much for this amazing website. Google search always leads me here. I have been looking for combinations with the book card and I must say, nice work and very very helpful. Will be using this website for a while!! Best of luck!

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    thanks so much for this site. Very helpful. Beginning to study the lenormand cards. Like them very much

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