Lenormand Bouquet Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Bouquet combinations can help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. It isn’t an exhaustive list of Bouquet combinations. As you learn how to make your own card combinations, you’ll soon discover that the list of possible Lenormand card combinations is endless. Until then, let this list of Lenormand Bouquet card combinations help you in your studies.

Bouquet + rider (1): happy news, new person coming into your life

Bouquet + clover (2): joyful invitation, good luck

Bouquet + ship (3): lovely vacation, cruise

Bouquet + house (4): party, celebration, lovely house

Bouquet + tree (5): good health, nature

Bouquet + clouds (6): unclear invitation, daydreaming, laziness

Bouquet + snake (7): two women, jealousy

Bouquet + coffin (8): disappointment, unpleasant gathering

Bouquet + scythe (10): good decision, positive surgery

Bouquet + whip (11): fun night out, happy conversations

Bouquet + birds (12): two invitations, fun conversation

Bouquet + child (13): charming child, children’s party, small party

Bouquet + fox (14): job related to fashion or beauty, happiness at work

Bouquet + bear (15): positive finances

Bouquet + stars (16): achievements, hopes and dreams

Bouquet + stork (17): positive change, redecorating

Bouquet + dog (18): good friend, nice company

Bouquet + tower (19): memorial, high society

Bouquet + garden (20): park, nature, flower show

Bouquet + mountain (21): outdoors, hiking, happiness comes slowly

Bouquet + crossroad (22): walk in nature, opportunities

Bouquet + mice (23): happiness is short, anticipation

Bouquet + heart (24): love, engagement

Bouquet + ring (25): happy marriage, good contract, proposal

Bouquet + book (26): good studies, learning something pleasant, blind date

Bouquet + letter (27): invitation, happy news

Bouquet + man (28): charming man

Bouquet + woman (29): lovely lady

Bouquet + lily (30): peace, harmony, contentment

Bouquet + sun (31): great success, celebration

Bouquet + moon (32): art show, pleasant date, satisfaction

Bouquet + key (33): great success, very attractive

Bouquet + fish (34): gift of money, expensive invitation, beauty industry

Bouquet + anchor (35): long-term happiness, achieving goals

Bouquet + cross (36): happiness is destined, charity, happiness has a price

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