Lenormand Child Card Combinations

These Lenormand Child combinations are designed to guide you in learning to read Lenormand card combinations. This list of combinations is by no means exhaustive. As you learn to read Lenormand combinations, you’ll find that the list of possible card combinations is endless. For now, use this guide for Lenormand Child card combinations help you in your studies.

Child + rider (1): message about a child, a male child, message about a new start

Child + clover (2): positive new start, lucky child

Child + ship (3): short trip, new trip, new business

Child + house (4): daycare, babysitting, new house, small house

Child + tree (5): sick child, fertility

Child + clouds (6): confused child, problems with a child, a new start is uncertain

Child + snake (7): child causes problems, woman with a child, new start for a woman

Child + coffin (8): miscarriage, abortion, sick child

Child + bouquet (9): happy child, attractive child, children’s party, gift for a child

Child + scythe (10): abortion, surgery, ill child

Child + whip (11): bully, troublesome new start

Child + birds (12): new talks, twins, siblings, a group of young children

Child + fox (14): working with children, new job, cunning child

Child + bear (15): overweight child, strong child (physically), mother and child

Child + stars (16): talented child, child star, new start goes well

Child + stork (17): pregnancy, new changes

Child + dog (18): young friend, friend from childhood, child with a dog

Child + tower (19): school, child welfare, education office

Child + garden (20): day care, playground, event for children

Child + mountain (21): lonely child, new delays, blocks for a child

Child + crossroad (22): twins, short trips, siblings, new decision, new path

Child + mice (23): small losses, sick child

Child + heart (24): loving child, new love, new start in love, a younger rival

Child + ring (25): new contract, adoption

Child + book (26): school, homework, a child has a secret

Child + letter (27): birth announcement, positive message, minor news

Child + man (28): young man, immature man, new start for a man

Child + woman (29): woman who looks younger than she is, immature woman, petite woman

Child + lily (30): oldest child, older than one looks

Child + sun (31): successful child, happy child

Child + moon (32): creative child, new start is emotional, New Moon

Child + key (33): important new start, successful child

Child + fish (34): child-related business, new business, small amount of money

Child + anchor (35): responsible child, work with children, new start is certain

Child + cross (36): depressed child, difficult childhood

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