Lenormand Clouds Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Clouds combinations was created to help you learn to read Lenormand. It isn’t an exhaustive list of combinations, but is meant to help you learn the Lenormand oracle. In time, you will learn how to make your own card combinations, and will discover that the list of possible combinations is endless. Until then, let this list of Lenormand Clouds card combinations guide you in learning Lenormand.

Clouds + rider (1): confusing message, mischief

Clouds + clover (2): uncertain luck, disappointment

Clouds + ship (3): uncertain travels

Clouds + house (4): confusion about a house, uncomfortable house

Clouds + tree (5): health problems are hard to pinpoint, mental illness

Clouds + snake (7): serious problems, complications for a woman

Clouds + coffin (8): clarity, something is up

Clouds + bouquet (9): uncertain happiness

Clouds + scythe (10): confusion, irrational decision, problems with surgery

Clouds + whip (11): abuse, annoyance, arguments

Clouds + birds (12): annoying phone call, lies

Clouds + child (13): problems with a new start, problems with a child

Clouds + fox (14): scheming, misrepresentation, lies, corruption

Clouds + bear (15): problems with a boss, official, or mother figure

Clouds + stars (16): procrastinating, drug/alcohol abuse

Clouds + stork (17): risky move, a man is changing

Clouds + dog (18): uncertain friendship, clouded judgement

Clouds + tower (19): problems with authorities, confusion at a hospital

Clouds + garden (20): drunk, uncertain company, uncomfortable in public

Clouds + mountain (21): obstacles, failure

Clouds + crossroad (22): indecision, tread carefully

Clouds + mice (23): doubts, things will improve soon

Clouds + heart (24): lovesick/pining over someone

Clouds + ring (25): problems with a contract or relationship

Clouds + book (26): secrets, hiding

Clouds + letter (27): problems with a message, confusing news, deception

Clouds + man (28): con man, unstable man, 2 men

Clouds + woman (29): deceptive woman, unstable woman, woman with a headache

Clouds + lily (30): unsatisfactory sex life, an affair

Clouds + sun (31): things will improve

Clouds + moon (32): mood swings, depression

Clouds + key (33): delayed success

Clouds + fish (34): debt, uncertainty about finances

Clouds + anchor (35): uncertain goals

Clouds + cross (36): anxiety, despair, stress

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