Lenormand Clover Card Combinations

The following Lenormand Clover combinations are by no means exhaustive. The more you work with the Lenormand Oracle, the more you will see that the list of combinations never ends. Even though there are some “set in stone” meanings from tradition, you will find that there is an exception to the rule from time-to-time. So let this list help you learn how to read Lenormand and how to combine the Clover with other Lenormand cards.

Clover + rider (1): good news, lucky athlete

Clover + ship (3): lucky trip

Clover + house (4): lucky family, prosperous home

Clover + tree (5): recovering from illness

Clover + clouds (6): luck is uncertain, procrastination, laziness

Clover + snake (7): opportunist, gambling woman, lucky woman

Clover + coffin (8): luck ends, risky situation

Clover + bouquet (9): positive outcome, happiness

Clover + scythe (10): sudden luck, lucky decision, taking a chance, calculated risk

Clover + whip (11): lucky action, athletic success, winner

Clover + birds (12): good discussions, happy phone call

Clover + child (13): happy child, happy new start

Clover + fox (14): professional gambler, job opportunity, luck is fleeting

Clover + bear (15): financial success, luck gambling

Clover + stars (16): good luck, positive synchronicity, success

Clover + stork (17): positive change, improvements, successful change

Clover + dog (18): positive friendship, help from a friend

Clover + tower (19): casino, luck with public authorities

Clover + garden (20): games, winnings, having fun at a social event

Clover + mountain (21): luck is blocked

Clover + crossroad (22): multiple offers, breakthrough, lucky decision

Clover + mice (23): luck is lost, gambling loss

Clover + heart (24): luck in love

Clover + ring (25): lucky contract, lucky relationship

Clover + book (26): studies go well, discovery

Clover + letter (27): positive news, lottery ticket

Clover + man (28): lucky man, optimistic

Clover + woman (29): lucky woman, optimistic

Clover + lily (30): business success, lucky retirement

Clover + sun (31): overnight success, a lot of luck

Clover + moon (32): romance, appreciation

Clover + key (33): success, a lot of luck

Clover + fish (34): business growth, financial increase, luck with money

Clover + anchor (35): luck at work, long-term prosperity

Clover + cross (36): positive ending, blessings

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