Lenormand Coffin Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Coffin combinations is meant to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. It is by no means exhaustive. Before you know it, you will know how to make your own card combinations, and you’ll discover that the list of possible Lenormand card combinations never ends. Until then, let this list of Lenormand Coffin card combinations guide you.

Coffin + rider (1): new beginnings, rebirth

Coffin + clover (2): something good comes out of an ending, second chance

Coffin + ship (3): moving, emigration

Coffin + house (4): remodeling, change of residence

Coffin + tree (5): illness, frailty

Coffin + clouds (6): mental illness, depression

Coffin + snake (7): big problems, physician

Coffin + bouquet (9): recovery, funeral

Coffin + scythe (10): accident, sacrifice

Coffin + whip (11): violence, destruction, physical attack

Coffin + birds (12): sad conversation, moving forward

Coffin + child (13): destructive child, sick child

Coffin + fox (14): job loss, end of lies

Coffin + bear (15): inheritance, financial turnaround, ill mother figure

Coffin + stars (16): positive transformation, reason to hope

Coffin + stork (17): letting go, change of residence, negative change, no change

Coffin + dog (18): friendship evolves, friend needs help, sick friend, unreliable friend

Coffin + tower (19): failure with authorities, imprisonment

Coffin + garden (20): event is canceled, cemetery

Coffin + mountain (21): nothing’s happening, isolation, stuck

Coffin + crossroad (22): going in a new direction

Coffin + mice (23): end of worry, depression

Coffin + heart (24): heartache, grief

Coffin + ring (25): end of a relationship/contract, starting over, completion

Coffin + book (26): secret is revealed

Coffin + letter (27): negative message, cancellation

Coffin + man (28): ill man, depressed man

Coffin + woman (29): negative woman, ill woman

Coffin + lily (30): no sex life, old age

Coffin + sun (31): in the end, there will be success

Coffin + moon (32): negative emotions, grief

Coffin + key (33): things will improve, necessary ending

Coffin + fish (34): loss of money, funeral business

Coffin + anchor (35): end of security, longing

Coffin + cross (36): pain, sadness, grief

2 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    I’ve been practicing playing with the Titania Fortune cards daily, and recently I’ve been getting the coffin and scythe together in a 9 card spread. This has occured in a few of my readings now. Does this mean physical death to me or a loved one? Or an accident or sacrifrice? I’ve been getting worried sick.

    • Stephen says:

      You’re doing a 9-card spread which means you need to look at all 9 cards. You can’t focus on just two cards. The other cards tell just as much of the story as two individual cards.

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