Lenormand Dog Card Combinations

Let these Lenormand Dog combinations guide you in your Lenormand studies. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of Lenormand card combinations, it can help you learn how to read spreads and make your own card combinations. In time, you’ll soon see that the number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Dog card combinations be a guide in your studies.

Dog + rider (1): new friendship, someone you know is coming to see you

Dog + clover (2): lucky friend, helpful friend

Dog + ship (3): travel companion, friend visits

Dog + house (4): pet, doghouse, family friend, neighbor

Dog + tree (5): doctor, nurse, ill friend

Dog + clouds (6): uncertain friendship, indecisive friend

Dog + snake (7): dishonest friend, friendly woman, woman and a dog, dog caught a snake

Dog + coffin (8): end of friendship

Dog + bouquet (9): good friendship, friendly people

Dog + scythe (10): someone you know has an accident, friendship ends, friend makes a fast decision

Dog + whip (11): dog trainer, arguments with a friend

Dog + birds (12): conversations, meetings, socializing, talkative friend

Dog + child (13): child with a dog, new dog, young dog, small dog, school friends

Dog + fox (14): false friend, hunter

Dog + bear (15): financial advisor, powerful friend

Dog + star (16): famous friend, lucky friend

Dog + stork (17): friendship changes

Dog + tower (19): friend in the government, private friend, lonely friend

Dog + garden (20): social acquaintance, networking, popular friend, meeting a friend at an event

Dog + mountain (21): problems in a friendship, distance between friends

Dog + crossroad (22): someone you know faces a decision

Dog + mice (23): stressful friendship, loss of a friend

Dog + heart (24): friendship becomes love, loving friend

Dog + ring (25): devotion, commitment, loyalty

Dog + book (26): friend with a secret, someone you know is studying, introvert

Dog + letter (27): message from a friend

Dog + man (28): friendly man, companion

Dog + woman (29): loyal woman, trustworthy woman

Dog + lily (30): old friends, friends with benefits

Dog + sun (31): good friendship, strong friends

Dog + moon (32): creative friend

Dog + key (33): important friend, good friend

Dog + fish (34): business partner, financially sucessful friend

Dog + anchor (35): stable friendship, long-term friendship

Dog + cross (36): difficult friendship, friend provides support in tough times

4 Responses

  1. Bluetiful says:

    Awesome! 🙂

  2. tineke been says:

    i heard in the usa the dog means bad news and the dog is no god.but here in the netherlands we learn the opposite.but now im confused.whats going on here?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Tineke,

      I’ve never seen dog used in a bad sense, anywhere? Maybe you are mixing things up with the Fox that does have a negative connotation.


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