Lenormand Fox Card Combinations

These Lenormand Fox combinations is not exhaustive. It’s designed to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. As you learn Lenormand, you’ll find that the list of possible card combinations is endless. For now, use this guide to Lenormand Fox card combinations help you in your studies.

Fox + rider (1): message about a job, new employee

Fox + clover (2): luck at work, promotion

Fox + ship (3): job-related travel, problems with a trip

Fox + house (4): problems with a house, deceitful family member, working from home

Fox + tree (5): healthcare worker, possible misdiagnosis

Fox + clouds (6): dishonest employee, job uncertainty

Fox + snake (7): liar, deception, danger

Fox + coffin (8): lay off, resignation, termination

Fox + bouquet (9): enjoyable job, work in the beauty industry

Fox + scythe (10): resignation, termination, work-related accident

Fox + whip (11): problems caused by dishonesty, personal trainer, violent employee

Fox + birds (12): dishonest conversation, work-related meeting

Fox + child (13): new job, cunning child, working with children

Fox + bear (15): financial industry employee, boss, financial problems, shrewd with money

Fox + stars (16): promotion, job in aerospace industry

Fox + stork (17): job change, change due to intrigue

Fox + dog (18): dishonest friend

Fox + tower (19): government employee, old secrets

Fox + garden (20): working with the public, job meeting, public fraud

Fox + mountain (21): unemployment, problems on the job, lies cause problems

Fox + crossroad (22): smart decision, shrewd decision, decision about a job

Fox + mice (23): job loss, job stress

Fox + heart (24): well-loved job, dishonesty in affairs of the heart

Fox + ring (25): lies in business/relationship, job contract

Fox + book (26): librarian, accountant, conspiracy

Fox + letter (27): false message, job news

Fox + man (28): workaholic, red-haired man, deceptive man

Fox + woman (29): smart woman, short woman, cheater

Fox + lily (30): established career, older employee, sexual problems

Fox + sun (31): job success, success isn’t everything it appears to be

Fox + moon (32): psychic, emotional dishonesty

Fox + key (33): intrigue, important job, important employee

Fox + fish (34): working in fishing industry, financial fraud

Fox + anchor (35): job security, long-term dishonesty

Fox + cross (36): lies are a burden, long-term lies, work related to religion or charity

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