Lenormand Garden Card Combinations

These Lenormand Garden combinations are designed to guide you in your Lenormand studies. This isn’t an exhaustive list of Lenormand card combinations. As you learn Lenormand, you’ll soon see that the number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Garden card combinations help you in your studies.

Garden + rider (1): meeting someone new

Garden + clover (2): fun party, successful networking

Garden + ship (3): cruise ship, party on a ship, tour group

Garden + house (4): party at home, house with a garden, visitors to a house

Garden + tree (5): health-focused activities, hospital, spa

Garden + clouds (6): public disruption, problems with an event, troubles with guests

Garden + snake (7): meeting a woman, disturbance

Garden + coffin (8): public ending, destruction, canceled event

Garden + bouquet (9): happy event, good meeting, popular

Garden + scythe (10): group decision

Garden + whip (11): public argument, debate

Garden + birds (12): speech, concert, public gathering

Garden + child (13): event with children, playground

Garden + fox (14): co-workers, problems with a meeting

Garden + bear (15): caterer, lottery

Garden + star (16): support group, motivational seminar, public success

Garden + stork (17): public changes, growth

Garden + dog (18): popular friend, meeting a friend, reunion

Garden + tower (19): society, public building

Garden + mountain (21): boring event, canceled meeting, problems with the public

Garden + crossroad (22): public decision, hiking, walking though a garden

Garden + mice (23): worrisome event, event is canceled, public stress

Garden + heart (24): meeting a lover, engagement party

Garden + ring (25): engagement, public agreement, wedding

Garden + book (26): school, library, students

Garden + letter (27): invitation to an event

Garden + man (28): popular man, man in the public eye, player

Garden + woman (29): woman in public, sociable woman, philanthropist

Garden + lily (30): strip bar, meditation center, meeting an older man

Garden + sun (31): success, fame

Garden + moon (32): art show, celebrity

Garden + key (33): success with the public, important meeting

Garden + fish (34): bank, union

Garden + anchor (35): stability

Garden + cross (36): prayer, burial, therapy

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