Lenormand House Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand House combinations is by no means exhaustive. The more you work with the petit Lenormand, the more you will see that the list of combinations never ends. Even though there are some “set in stone” meanings from tradition, you will find an exception to the rule from time-to-time. So let this list help you learn how to combine the Lenormand House with other Lenormand cards.

House + rider (1): news about a house, a message comes to the house, a visitor

House + clover (2): luck at home, positive house

House + ship (3): changing residence, a journey home

House + tree (5): house near trees, a tree house, house needs repairs

House + clouds (6): uncertainty about a house, problems at home

House + snake (7): house needs repairs, getting a house unconventionally, problems at home

House + coffin (8): an empty house, sale of a house, moving, family death

House + bouquet (9): happy house, party at a house

House + scythe (10): sale of a house, separation, house needs a lot of repair (“surgery”)

House + whip (11): domestic violence, arguments at home

House + birds (12): problems at home, multiple people in a house (roommates, 2 guests)

House + child (13): new house, family with children

House + fox (14): home robbery, domestic employee, be careful buying a house

House + bear (15): real estate investment, buying a house, expanding a house

House + stars (16): dream home, lucky house

House + stork (17): change of residence, remodeling

House + dog (18): roommate, pet, neighbors, tenants

House + tower (19): apartment building, big house, a large company

House + garden (20): house with a garden, large family, hotel, public house

House + mountain (21): house in the mountains, problems purchasing a house

House + crossroad (22): decision about a house, two houses

House + mice (23): loss of a house, damages to a house, stressful home life

House + heart (24): loving family, lovely house

House + ring (25): real estate contract, lease/sale of a house

House + book (26): house you don’t know yet, secret about a house or family, library

House + letter (27): property title, real estate contract, documents to sign involve a house/real estate, message received at/about a house

House + man (28): home owner, landlord, realtor, homebody, stable man

House + woman (29): home owner, landlord, realtor, homebody, housewife, stable woman

House + lily (30): old house

House + sun (31): success at home

House + moon (32): dream house, popular house

House + key (33): important house, new house, success at home

House + fish (34): real estate agency, home based business, financial success at home, house near the water

House + anchor (35): long-term security, commitment to family

House + cross (36): church, distressed property

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