Lenormand Letter Card Combinations

These Lenormand Letter combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. It isn’t an exhaustive list of Lenormand card combinations for you to memorize. As you progress in your studies, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is infinite. For now, let these Lenormand Letter card combinations guide you.

Letter + rider (1): messages, information

Letter + clover (2): good news, lotto ticket, raffle ticket

Letter + ship (3): information from abroad, international documents, business communication

Letter + house (4): news about a house, documents related to a property sale (e.g., title, contracts)

Letter + tree (5): prescription, health insurance, medical degree

Letter + clouds (6): confusing information, uncertain outcome, cancellation

Letter + snake (7): bad news, message about a woman, false message

Letter + coffin (8): getting rid of documents (e.g., shredding, throwing away), bad news

Letter + bouquet (9): invitation, good news, helpful information

Letter + scythe (10): no message, message brings a fast decision

Letter + whip (11): angry letter, sexual message, signature

Letter + birds (12): group of writers, multiple messages, much talked about information

Letter + child (13): message about a child, birth announcement, short letter

Letter + fox (14): job offer, letter at work, untrustworthy message

Letter + bear (15): financial news, invoice, check, message about a mother or grandmother

Letter + star (16): email, positive message

Letter + stork (17): message brings change, update

Letter + dog (18): pen pal, news about a friend

Letter + tower (19): legal document, letter from the government

Letter + garden (20): invitation, direct mail marketing, email marketing, newsletter

Letter + mountain (21): delayed information, no message

Letter + crossroad (22): multiple messages, message about a decision

Letter + mice (23): lost message, stressful information

Letter + heart (24): love letter, internet dating

Letter + ring (25): contract, written agreement, prenuptial agreement

Letter + book (26): documents, contracts, binders, folders, notebooks

Letter + man (28): writer, communicative man, message about a man

Letter + woman (29): message about a woman, graduate

Letter + lily (30): old news, message from an older man

Letter + sun (31): great news

Letter + moon (32): creative writing, positive news, love letter

Letter + key (33): important message, letter arrives

Letter + fish (34): business documents, financial documents, fish wrapped in newspaper

Letter + anchor (35): letter takes a while to arrive, positive news, work-related message

Letter + cross (36): painful information, fated message

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