Lenormand Mice Meaning

Keywords: STRESS, loss, anxiety, theft

General Description: The Lenormand Mice usually show worries or that something is about to go missing. They represent destructive behavior, frustration and sadness. They can indicate problems with structures, such as leaks or mold in the home. When near the querent, the Mice can indicate fatigue, annoyance, illness, and worry.

Career: Possible unemployment or job loss.

Possible jobs: Thief, pest control

Health: Usually indicates an illness

The Body: Nervous system

Love: Usually shows heartache, worry about love, or loss of a relationship

Physical Description/Qualities: Unreliable, destructive, overworked, anxious, tired, sick, small

Timing: The Lenormand Mice is a fast moving card, indicating hours or days.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Mice represents the 7 of Clubs. It indicates small financial profits and benefits are about to be received.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Mice Card Combinations

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