Lenormand Rider Meaning

Also known as: The Horseman/The Cavalier

Keywords: NEWS. COMINGS AND GOINGS. A sporty young man or boy. A new person or situation entering into your life. A horse, or other rapid modes of transportation.

General Description: The Rider is about news, headlines, and movement. Messages are coming. Delays are over. A lot of energy is being spent, perhaps not always wisely. It’s about things happening soon;  needing to seize the moment. Someone may be coming to visit you or you’re about to meet someone new (especially near the house card).

Career: If you’re waiting for news about a promotion or a job, you should receive that news soon. Things are progressing. The card(s) accompanying the Rider reveal if the news is what you want.

Possible jobs: Postal worker (including companies like Fedex), an athlete.

Health: News about your health coming. Be open to exercise.

The Body: Legs, knees, feet, joints, tendons, ligaments.

Love: Someone new is coming into your life. Flirting. The beginnings of something new.

Physical Description/Qualities: an athlete, young or young looking, well-dressed/elegant, sociable, good looking.

Timing: Soon, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, January

Cartomancy: The 9 of hearts symbolizes success, victory, and satisfaction. It involves dreams coming true and getting along well with others.

Card Combinations: Rider Lenormand Card Combinations

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