Lenormand Scythe Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Scythe combinations was created to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. It isn’t a complete list of Scythe combinations, by any means. The more you learn to read Lenormand and learn how to make your own card combinations, you’ll find that there is an endless list of possible Lenormand card combinations. For now, use this guide for Lenormand Scythe card combinations help you in your studies.

Scythe + rider (1): a cut to allow new things to come in, sudden message

Scythe + clover (2): lucky decision, sudden luck

Scythe + ship (3): trip is cancelled, emigration

Scythe + house (4): sale of a house, difficulties with the house or in the family

Scythe + tree (5): surgery, extraction

Scythe + clouds (6): uncertainty, indecision

Scythe + snake (7): attack, female surgeon

Scythe + coffin (8): termination, final ending

Scythe + bouquet (9): positive outcome

Scythe + whip (11): violence, attack, weapon, martial arts

Scythe + birds (12): argument, yelling

Scythe + child (13): abortion, C-section, child has a toothache

Scythe + fox (14): job loss

Scythe + bear (15): financial decision, surgery for weight loss

Scythe + stars (16): change of fate, taking action on your dreams

Scythe + stork (17): initiating change, change of residence, fast change

Scythe + dog (18): end of friendship, pet has surgery

Scythe + tower (19): trial, courtroom

Scythe + garden (20): gardening, bad company

Scythe + mountain (21): slow operation, blocks end

Scythe + crossroad (22): fast decision, separation

Scythe + mice (23): emotional/physical breakdown, end of worry

Scythe + heart (24): heartbreak, heart surgery

Scythe + ring (25): contract ends, relationship break up

Scythe + book (26): secret is revealed

Scythe + letter (27): cancellation, notice

Scythe + man (28): decisive man, leader

Scythe + woman (29): decisive woman, surgeon

Scythe + lily (30): sexual aggression, healing

Scythe + sun (31): success, electricity

Scythe + moon (32): emotional instability, release of emotions, emotional decision

Scythe + key (33): important decision, necessary decision, fate

Scythe + fish (34): business decision, decision impacts finances

Scythe + anchor (35): permanent decision, decision brings safety

Scythe + cross (36): injury, sacrifice, sudden pain

2 Responses

  1. yiota says:

    hello, may i ask somthing?

    anchor+scythe means the same?

    • Stephen says:

      The order of the cards matters. Thus, Scythe+Anchor and Anchor+Scythe have different meanings.

      Look at the card themselves…

      Scythe+Anchor: The Scythe is about quick action, letting go, fast decisions. What comes after – the Anchor – safety, long term, goals… If you put them together you have quick action brings safety, letting go is for the long term (such as, permanent removal of something from your life), a fast decision about your goals, etc.

      Anchor+Scythe could mean a variety of things depending on the question asked. But do the same as with Scythe+Anchor, simple switching the order. Some possible meanings include sudden changes, goals abruptly ending, or long-term security ending.

      I explain more on how to read card combinations here: How to Read Lenormand Card Combinations

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