Lenormand Ship Card Combinations

The following Lenormand Ship combinations are by no means exhaustive. The more you work with the Lenormand Oracle, the more you will see that the list of combinations never ends. Even though there are some “set in stone” meanings from tradition, you will find that there is an exception to the rule from time-to-time. So let this list help you learn how to read Lenormand and how to combine the Ship with other Lenormand cards.

Ship + rider (1): message from far away, news about a trip

Ship + clover (2): lucky trip, gambling trip

Ship + house (4): trip back home, boat house, emigration/immigration

Ship + tree (5): long journey, sea sickness

Ship + clouds (6): uncertain journey

Ship + snake (7): trip with a woman, problems with a trip

Ship + coffin (8): trip is canceled

Ship + bouquet (9): happy journey

Ship + scythe (10): sudden journey, accident

Ship + whip (11): troubled journey, a very active journey (e.g., off-road biking)

Ship + birds (12): discussions about a journey

Ship + child (13): new start on a journey, new start in business, foreign born child

Ship + fox (14): business trip, someone who works in the travel industry, deceitfulness in a trip

Ship + bear (15): foreign investment, money transfer, financial success in business

Ship + stars (16): dream vacation, promising journey

Ship + stork (17): change of residence, a trip brings change

Ship + dog (18): traveling with a friend, friend from another country

Ship + tower (19): traveling alone, government related travel, foreign government

Ship + garden (20): traveling to an event, foreign country, international trip

Ship + mountain (21): travel is delayed or postponed, a trip to the mountains

Ship + crossroad (22): two journeys, decision about a trip, changing planes/ships/trains

Ship + mice (23): stressful journey, mechanical problems, trip is canceled

Ship + heart (24): honeymoon, traveling with a love, romantic getaway

Ship + ring (25): honeymoon, overseas wedding, foreign business contract

Ship + book (26): educational journey, secret trip, passport

Ship + letter (27): news from far away, plane/train/ship ticket, information about a trip

Ship + man (28): foreigner, traveler, someone who works on a boat or in the travel industry

Ship + woman (29): foreigner, traveler, someone who works on a boat or in the travel industry

Ship + lily (30): older foreign man, senior cruise, a relaxing vacation, winter journey, sexual adventure

Ship + sun (31): summer vacation, desert or tropical location, successful trip, successful business deal

Ship + moon (32): travel at night, romantic trip

Ship + key (33): important trip, trip will definitely happen, business success

Ship + fish (34): fishing trip, money arriving, business partner

Ship + anchor (35): long travel, reaching your destination, cruise, work that involves boats or travel

Ship + cross (36): destined trip, pilgrimage

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  1. Dalva says:

    Thanks for this! It helps.

  2. Cherie says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your Lenormand combinations! I am finding it very helpful in starting a journal with my personal combinations in it. Whenever I get stuck on a combination, this site will always be my first reference point 🙂

    On another note, I have a few questions regarding your combinations!

    Can Ship+Scythe also mean ‘sudden cancellation of a trip’? And Ship+Whip to be ‘journey filled with arguments’? Or even ‘Ship+Cross’ to be ‘trip with burdens’?

    Thank you!

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