Lenormand Stork Card Combinations

Let these Lenormand Stork combinations help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. This isn’t an exhaustive list of card combinations for the Stork, so be sure to add your own as you continue with your Lenormand studies. As you learn Lenormand, you’ll soon see that the number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Stork card combinations be a guide in your studies.

Stork + rider (1): Change brings a new person into your life, news of change

Stork + clover (2): lucky changes, good move

Stork + ship (3): change of residence, travel plans change

Stork + house (4): moving, renovation

Stork + tree (5): health improvements, long lasting changes

Stork + clouds (6): uncertain change, lack of focus

Stork + snake (7): changes for a woman, change brings trouble

Stork + coffin (8): cancelled, no change

Stork + bouquet (9): redecorating, positive change, improvements

Stork + scythe (10): sudden change, permanent change

Stork + whip (11): uneasy change, conversations bring transformation

Stork + birds (12): relationship evolves, uneasy change

Stork + child (13): pregnancy, birth, changes for a child

Stork + fox (14): job change, promotion, positive change (related to cunning/intrigue)

Stork + bear (15): financial increase, new boss

Stork + star (16): making progress, positive change

Stork + dog (18): new friend(s)

Stork + tower (19): end of loneliness, government change

Stork + garden (20): positive change, change becomes public

Stork + mountain (21): slow progress, changes are stalled

Stork + crossroad (22): change brings a decision, going separate paths

Stork + mice (23): stressful change, discouragement, negative change

Stork + heart (24): positive relationship changes, changes you’ve hoped for

Stork + ring (25): engagement, promise, contract changes

Stork + book (26): secret is revealed, research

Stork + letter (27): news of change

Stork + man (28): flexible man, man who wants change

Stork + woman (29): change for a woman, independent woman

Stork + lily (30): older man causes change, personal growth, maturity

Stork + sun (31): positive change, success, high energy

Stork + moon (32): successful change, emotional contentment

Stork + key (33): significant change, change will definitely happen, life-changing event

Stork + fish (34): financial change, profitable change

Stork + anchor (35): long-term results, good progress

Stork + cross (36): difficult changes, unwanted change

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