Lenormand Tower Meaning

Keywords: Protection, authority, the past, government, separation, loneliness, ambition

General Description: The Lenormand Tower points to protection, guarding the cards around it. It indicate someone who is self-employed, isolated or lonely. It also refers to the government, courthouses, banks, hospitals, universities, and colleges. Just as a tower juts high into the sky, you want to think of something large when the tower appears…instead of an apartment, think of an entire apartment building…instead of a small child, think of a university student.

Career: You prefer to work alone and get things done, rather than working as a team.

Possible jobs: Self-employed, judge, lawyer, government employee

Health: A hospital could be involved.

The Body: The spine

Love: A separation may occur.

Physical Description/Qualities: Tall, intelligent, proud, idealistic, thin, disciplined, ambitious

Timing: The Lenormand Tower signifies one year.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Tower represents the 6 of Spades. This card signifies that there are some hassles the querent is dealing, but that he/she is operating from a stable position.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Tower Card Combinations

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  1. njus says:

    having question on wether i would change the job or not till 2013, i got 19 tower, with single card . what should i expect?
    thank you,

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