Lenormand Tree Meaning

Keywords: HEALTH, karma, growth.

General Description: The Lenormand Tree is about health and life. It reveals the state of your health and any illness you might have. It reveals karma and possible past life connections.

Career: You’re in a growth period and may have to wait for things to unfold. Depending on the cards around it, it might indicate a problem in your career.

Possible jobs: Health care worker, physician, yoga practitioner

Health: Because this is the card representing health, most of your information will come from other cards. On its own, the Lenormand Tree can mean you need to make sure to get some fresh air, and health issues will last a while.

The Body: Your mind and mental health

Love: A long lasting love. Possible soul mate/past-life connection.

Physical Description/Qualities: analytical, spiritual, healthy, possible pessimism

Timing: The house is connected to the number 5. It can mean May, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, or Spring. If the mountain is present, it can mean 5 years.

Cartomancy: Happy visits, good thoughts, and satisfaction in multiple areas of your life

Card Combinations: Lenormand Tree Card Combinations

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