Lenormand Whip Card Combinations

Let these Lenormand Whip combinations guide you in learning to read Lenormand card combinations. This list of combinations is by no means exhaustive. As you learn to read Lenormand combinations, you’ll find that the list of possible card combinations is endless. For now, use this guide for Lenormand Whip card combinations help you in your studies.

Whip + rider (1): troubling news, feedback

Whip + clover (2): gambling on a sporting event

Whip + ship (3): troubled journey, exploration

Whip + house (4): home gym, domestic abuse, family arguments

Whip + tree (5): difficult health problems

Whip + clouds (6): not sure where to go, confusing arguments

Whip + snake (7): troublemaker, break-up for a woman, danger

Whip + coffin (8): destruction, fight leads to break-up

Whip + bouquet (9): enjoyable physical activity, dancing

Whip + scythe (10): accident, troubles, cancellation

Whip + birds (12): arguments, debate, many conversations, hectic

Whip + child (13): athletic child, troublesome new start

Whip + fox (14): military, athlete, trouble on the job

Whip + bear (15): athlete, body builder, personal trainer

Whip + stars (16): coaching, successful competition

Whip + stork (17): fast change, troublesome change

Whip + dog (18): personal trainer, coach, trouble with a friend

Whip + tower (19): trouble with authorities, fortress, military base

Whip + garden (20): public sporting event, stadium, public debates

Whip + mountain (21): limitations, butting of heads/wills, conversations that don’t lead anywhere

Whip + crossroad (22): not sure which way to go, unsettled, multiple decisions

Whip + mice (23): stressful physical activity, exhaustion

Whip + heart (24): passionate relationship, conflict in love

Whip + ring (25): relationship trouble, abuse

Whip + book (26): academic competition

Whip + letter (27): threat, signed contract

Whip + man (28): physically fit man

Whip + woman (29): intense, sexy woman

Whip + lily (30): physical activity slows down, arthritis, exhaustion

Whip + sun (31): charisma, winning

Whip + moon (32): obsession, sexual seduction

Whip + key (33): necessary action, important discussions

Whip + fish (34): arguments about money

Whip + anchor (35): consistent, steady

Whip + cross (36): hard lessons, challenges

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