Lenormand Woman Card Combinations

These Lenormand Woman combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. This isn’t an exhaustive list for you to memorize. In time, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Woman card combinations guide you.

Woman + rider (1): woman in a new relationship, woman and a young man, woman receives a message

Woman + clover (2): woman taking advantage of an opportunity, gambler, lucky woman

Woman + ship (3): foreigner, woman on a cruise, woman taking a trip

Woman + house (4): housewife, realtor, stable

Woman + tree (5): ill woman, spiritual man, woman works in the medical field

Woman + clouds (6): confused, unstable, troubled

Woman + snake (7): two women, dishonest woman, troublesome woman, seductive woman

Woman + coffin (8): ill woman, depressed woman

Woman + bouquet (9): happy, charismatic, attractive

Woman + scythe (10): decisive woman, critical, fast acting

Woman + whip (11): physically abusive, sexual, argumentative

Woman + birds (12): two women, communicative, outgoing, woman with two children

Woman + child (13): woman and child, young-looking, immature

Woman + fox (14): workaholic, dishonest, crafty, cunning

Woman + bear (15): a mother, woman and her boss, woman and her mother/grandmother, protective, controlling, strong

Woman + star (16): successful, famous, psychic, dreamer

Woman + stork (17): flexible, open-minded, woman brings change

Woman + dog (18): woman and a friend, a woman you know, friendly woman

Woman + tower (19): private woman, lonely woman, tall, proud

Woman + garden (20): single woman, woman in the public eye, sociable

Woman + mountain (21): loner, woman experiences delays, single woman

Woman + crossroad (22): woman makes a decision, unstable

Woman + mice (23): stressed, nervous, broke

Woman + heart (24): woman in love, affectionate, romantic

Woman + ring (25): married, engaged, committed

Woman + book (26): educated, secretive, intelligent, woman the querent doesn’t know, introverted

Woman + letter (27): message from a woman, postal worker, journalist

Woman + man (28): a couple, connection

Woman + lily (30): older woman, patient, established, retired

Woman + sun (31): successful, optimistic

Woman + moon (32): creative, artistic, emotional

Woman + key (33): successful, dependable, important woman

Woman + fish (34): businesswoman, wealthy

Woman + anchor (35): stable, dependable, slow to act

Woman + cross (36): religious, burdened, hurt

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