Lenormand Book Meaning

Keywords: SECRET, education, knowledge, expertise, discoveries, studies, a book

General Description: The Lenormand Book can be connected to quite mundane things such as books, diaries, and ledgers. It’s the card of the student – showing what is to be learned regardless of age. It can also point to secrets and information that is about to be discovered.

Career: Often indicates a career that requires advanced training or an advanced degree

Possible jobs: Editor, investigator, researcher, teacher, student, writer/author

Health: Research may be necessary to uncover a hidden issue

The Body: Brain

Love: Secret love or you’re about to meet someone you don’t know

Physical Description/Qualities: Educated, intelligent, curious, shy, discreet, reserved

Timing: The Lenormand Book is traditionally associated with the month of March.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Book represents the 10 of Diamonds. It’s about movement, visits, and disruptions. The changes usually aren’t negative, but rather enhance different areas of one’s life.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Book Card Combinations

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