Lenormand Crossroad Card Combinations

Let these Lenormand Crossroad combinations guide you in your Lenormand studies. This isn’t an exhaustive list of Lenormand card combinations that’s meant to be memorized. You’ll soon see the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Crossroad card combinations help you in your studies.

Crossroad + rider (1): a message that affects a decision, multiple messages

Crossroad + clover (2): lucky decision, fortunate path

Crossroad + ship (3): multiple travel options, car trip

Crossroad + house (4): two houses, decision affects a family

Crossroad + tree (5): decision about one’s health, karmic journey

Crossroad + clouds (6): uncertain decision, no clear option

Crossroad + snake (7): difficult choices, problems with a decision

Crossroad + coffin (8): no options, negative outcome, end of the road

Crossroad + bouquet (9): walk in nature, positive outcome

Crossroad + scythe (10): final decision, problematic decision, accident

Crossroad + whip (11): difficult decision, decision wrought with arguments

Crossroad + birds (12): multiple decisions, a lot of discussions

Crossroad + child (13): twins, siblings, decision brings a new beginning

Crossroad + fox (14): job-related decision, 2 jobs, part-time work

Crossroad + bear (15): multiple sources of income, decision affects finances

Crossroad + star (16): positive outcome, leader

Crossroad + stork (17): decision brings change, progress, movement

Crossroad + dog (18): two friends, decision about a friend

Crossroad + tower (19): legal decision, decision to go alone

Crossroad + garden (20): walk in a garden, multiple parties

Crossroad + mountain (21): delayed decision, no results

Crossroad + mice (23): stressful choices, exhaustion, strain

Crossroad + heart (24): not committed, two partners

Crossroad + ring (25): multiple offers, agreement

Crossroad + book (26): discovery, two books

Crossroad + letter (27): multiple letters, news is on its way, decision brings awaited news

Crossroad + man (28): hesitant man, uncommitted man

Crossroad + woman (29): uncertain woman, unsettled woman

Crossroad + lily (30): decision brings peace

Crossroad + sun (31): successful outcome, making the right choice

Crossroad + moon (32): emotional decision, successful decision

Crossroad + key (33): important decision, destiny

Crossroad + fish (34): multiple businesses, multiple incomes, trade

Crossroad + anchor (35): decision brings stability, work-related decision, confidence

Crossroad + cross (36): difficult choice, destiny

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