Lenormand Fish Card Combinations

These Lenormand Fish card combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. They aren’t designed to be memorized because, as you’ll soon learn, the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. Until then, let these Lenormand Fish card combinations guide you.

Fish + rider (1): financial opportunity, business news, new employee

Fish + clover (2): financial luck, good business partner

Fish + ship (3): international business, money from afar, fishing trip

Fish + house (4): home business, wealthy family

Fish + tree (5): strong business, old money, alcoholism

Fish + clouds (6): financial uncertainty

Fish + snake (7): wealthy woman, business problems, financial concerns

Fish + coffin (8): hangover, financial loss, bankruptcy

Fish + bouquet (9): inheritance, gift of money

Fish + scythe (10): business decision, layoff

Fish + whip (11): financial arguments, business conflict

Fish + birds (12): business partners, financial discussions, two sources of income

Fish + child (13): new employee, subsidiary

Fish + fox (14): “cooking the books”, business fraud, employees

Fish + bear (15): seafood restaurant, stable finances, a lot of money

Fish + star (16): well-known business, innovative business, financial success

Fish + stork (17): business growth, business expansion, acquisition

Fish + dog (18): business partner, wealthy friend

Fish + tower (19): bank, a safe, financial reserves, savings

Fish + garden (20): customers, fundraising

Fish + mountain (21): delayed money, stagnant business

Fish + crossroad (22): financial decision, business decision

Fish + mice (23): business loss, financial problems, reductions

Fish + heart (24): love of money/work, soulmate connection, great love

Fish + ring (25): marriage of convenience, business contract, spiritual connection

Fish + book (26): accounting books, unknown source of income, unknown business

Fish + letter (27): fishing permit, financial news, business license

Fish + man (28): Wealthy, businessman, independent

Fish + woman (29): Materialistic, business woman, wealthy woman

Fish + lily (30): established business

Fish + sun (31): financial success, business success

Fish + moon (32): financial creativity, business dream comes true

Fish + key (33): financial success, important business

Fish + anchor (35): established business, long-term income

Fish + cross (36): financial burden, difficult business, religious organization

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