Lenormand Fish Meaning

Keywords: BUSINESS, commerce, money, fish, ocean, fishing, lake, river, finances, alcohol

General Description: The Lenormand Fish is the card of business. It involves all types of business activities – import export, sales, etc. It can describe someone whose work involves the water, such as someone in the fishing industry. It’s the card to look at if you want to understand someone’s financial situation.

Career: You would probably do well in your own business.

Possible jobs: Fisherman, Coast Guard, sushi chef, entrepreneur, marine biologist

Health: You might want to look deeper into any possible health issue.

The Body: Kidneys and Bladder

Love: You should experience a deep connection with a romantic partner.

Physical Description/Qualities: Broad shoulders, wealthy, independent, dark hair, attractive, successful, business minded

Timing: The Lenormand Fish traditionally represents four years.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Fish represents the King of Diamonds. It describes a powerful man who is determined and firm. It also relates to work and business matters.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Fish Card Combinations

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