Lenormand Mice Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Mice combinations is meant to assist you in your Lenormand studies. It isn’t an exhaustive list of Lenormand card combinations for you to memorize. As you progress in learning Lenormand, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Mice card combinations help you in your studies.

Mice + rider (1): apprehensive about someone coming, troubling news

Mice + clover (2): nervous excitement, butterflies in the stomach

Mice + ship (3): transportation problems, car theft, mechanical issues

Mice + house (4): repairs needed at home (e.g., plumbing, roof), pest problem

Mice + tree (5): depression, stressful illness

Mice + clouds (6): suicidal, depression, lost

Mice + snake (7): theft involving a woman, major problems, difficulty coping

Mice + coffin (8): worries end, relief, exhaustion

Mice + bouquet (9): anticipation, excitement

Mice + scythe (10): separation, stressful decision

Mice + whip (11): stressful arguments, challenging loss, stress has physical side effects

Mice + birds (12): stressful conversations, nervous energy, difficulty staying in one place, fright

Mice + child (13): hyper child, improvements

Mice + fox (14): stressful job, job loss

Mice + bear (15): financial loss, dieting

Mice + star (16): pressure to achieve goals

Mice + stork (17): difficult changes, unwanted change

Mice + dog (18): exhausting friendship, worried friend, sick dog

Mice + tower (19): problems with the government or law

Mice + garden (20): stressful event, beware of pick pockets

Mice + mountain (21): giving up, long-term worry, stressful obstacles, frustration

Mice + crossroad (22): uncertain choices, worrisome decision

Mice + heart (24): heartache, emotional stress

Mice + ring (25): break-up of a relationship, stressful relationship, undependable agreement

Mice + book (26): secret is revealed, stressful studies, final exams, worried about the unknown

Mice + letter (27): stressful news, lost message

Mice + man (28): ill man, worried man, depressed man

Mice + woman (29): exhausted woman, overworked woman

Mice + lily (30): end of an affair, sexual dysfunction, age-related health problems

Mice + sun (31): victory comes after hard work, lack of energy

Mice + moon (32): emotional stress, moody, depression

Mice + key (33): improvements, things aren’t as good as they appear

Mice + fish (34): financial loss, business problems

Mice + anchor (35): unemployment, difficult situation, long-term stress

Mice + cross (36): grief, loss, anxiety

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