Lenormand Scythe Card Combinations

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  1. yiota says:

    hello, may i ask somthing?

    anchor+scythe means the same?

    • Stephen says:

      The order of the cards matters. Thus, Scythe+Anchor and Anchor+Scythe have different meanings.

      Look at the card themselves…

      Scythe+Anchor: The Scythe is about quick action, letting go, fast decisions. What comes after – the Anchor – safety, long term, goals… If you put them together you have quick action brings safety, letting go is for the long term (such as, permanent removal of something from your life), a fast decision about your goals, etc.

      Anchor+Scythe could mean a variety of things depending on the question asked. But do the same as with Scythe+Anchor, simple switching the order. Some possible meanings include sudden changes, goals abruptly ending, or long-term security ending.

      I explain more on how to read card combinations here: How to Read Lenormand Card Combinations

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