Lenormand Sun Meaning

Keywords: Success, hot, energy, luck, electricity, sunrise, accomplishment, charisma

General Description: The Lenormand Sun is a card of success and luck. It’s a good sign whenever it appears in a spread as it indicates you’ll get what you’ve been wanting. The Sun can diminish the effects of the Mountain, Mice, Scythe, and Coffin.

Career: Your career is doing well – expect success.

Possible jobs: Electrician, something in the public eye

Health: Things should turn out okay.

The Body: Energy levels

Love: You should experience success in your love life. If you’re single, a great relationship is about to begin.

Physical Description/Qualities: Charismatic, outgoing, high energy, fair skin, light colored hair, attention seeker

Timing: The Lenormand Sun represents the summer.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Sun represents the Ace of Diamonds. It’s about travel, movement, new things, and visitors.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Sun Card Combinations

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