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lenormand letter 1

Lenormand Letter Meaning

Keywords: MESSAGE, emal, text, letter, fax, document, diploma, invoice

General Description: The Lenormand Letter is the card of written communication. It can come in any form – email, letter, fax, newspaper… It can also indicate business documents (such as an invoice or memo), legal documents (such as a will, court order, or parking ticket), or school documents (e.g., report cards and diplomas.)

Lenormand Book 0

Lenormand Book Meaning

Keywords: SECRET, education, knowledge, expertise, discoveries, studies, a book

General Description: The Lenormand Book can be connected to quite mundane things such as books, diaries, and ledgers. It’s the card of the student – showing what is to be learned regardless of age. It can also point to secrets and information that is about to be discovered.

Lenormand Ring 0

Lenormand Ring Meaning

Keywords: RELATIONSHIP, contract, marriage, civil union, circle, jewelry, commitment, agreement

General Description: The Lenormand Ring is usually about a relationship or a contract. It can also represent patterns, repeating events, going around in circles, and the completion of a cycle. The Ring symbolizes job offers, business deals, and proposals.

Lenormand Coffin 0

Lenormand Coffin Meaning

Keywords: ENDING, transformation, illness, negative event.

General Description: The Lenormand Coffin typically shows an important life transformation – end of a relationship, change of residence, retirement, the completion of a cycle of your life… These changes are not always negative. They can be positive.