Lenormand Anchor Card Combinations

Let these Lenormand Anchor card combinations help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. They aren’t designed to be memorized because, as you’ll soon learn, the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. Until then, these Lenormand Anchor card combinations can guide you in your studies.

Anchor + rider (1): someone new is coming, work-related news

Anchor + clover (2): good luck, enjoyable destination

Anchor + ship (3): movement, long voyage

Anchor + house (4): place you’ll be living for a while, renovations are completed

Anchor + tree (5): long and healthy life, health-related work

Anchor + clouds (6): uncertainty, instability

Anchor + snake (7): beware, problems, female co-worker

Anchor + coffin (8): things are going to change, instability

Anchor + bouquet (9): celebration, job well done

Anchor + scythe (10): sudden change, discontent

Anchor + whip (11): long-term conflict, physical abuse

Anchor + birds (12): life-long partners, laborious discussions

Anchor + child (13): new start in life, childhood

Anchor + fox (14): problems at work, long-term job, achieving goals through cunning methods

Anchor + bear (15): long-term income, trust fund, living trust

Anchor + star (16): success in reaching goals, great achievement

Anchor + stork (17): career change, life changes

Anchor + dog (18): long-term friend, stable friendship, common goals

Anchor + tower (19): old company, federal government

Anchor + garden (20): enjoying life, rest and relaxation, retirement, working with public

Anchor + mountain (21): no movement, big obstacles

Anchor + crossroad (22): work-related decision, deciding what to do after reaching one’s goals

Anchor + mice (23): stuck, stressful life, lack of work, reducing excesses (ex: overspending, drinking too much, etc)

Anchor + heart (24): long-term love, faithful, loyal, certain love

Anchor + ring (25): commitment, long-term relationship

Anchor + book (26): work-related studies, research

Anchor + letter (27): work-related documents, will

Anchor + man (28): faithful, stable, hard-working

Anchor + woman (29): determined, reliable, mentor

Anchor + lily (30): boss, contentment

Anchor + sun (31): success at work, reaching one’s goals, island vacation

Anchor + moon (32): popular work, staying put for a month, working at night

Anchor + key (33): success at work, certainly reach one’s goals

Anchor + fish (34): wealthy, fishing business, stable investments

Anchor + cross (36): destined, long-term burden

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  1. John says:

    The entry for anchor + stars (35) is missing.

    • Stephen says:

      Actually, card 35 is the Anchor (which is why you don’t have Anchor + Anchor). Meanwhile I verified, and the Anchor + Star (16) is indeed part of the list! Thank you for looking into it though!


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