Lenormand Anchor Meaning

Keywords: STABLE, reaching one’s goals, settling down, reliable, long-term, stuck, beach, harbor, work

General Description: The Lenormand Anchor is best understood when you consider what an anchor symbolized during the time of Mlle Lenormand. Whenever ships entered a harbor, they would lower their anchor. It was a sign that they had reached their destination and were safe. The ship and all aboard it had survived the voyage and could now go ashore to rest, restock, and have fun.

At the same time, a ship might have its anchor lowered and be stuck in port until the weather and tide provided the right opportunity to leave the harbor.

It’s from this historical perspective that you can see where the meanings for the anchor come from.

Also, the Lenormand Anchor is commonly used as the card that stands for work in the German tradition. This relates to how once a ship reached port and lowered its anchor, there was work to be done. The ship had to be unloaded, new supplies had to be brought aboard, and new crew members and passengers also had to be gained.

Career: You can expect a stable career that will last for the long-term.

Possible jobs: Navy, dock worker, permanent position

Health: You might need to beware of excess weight.

The Body: Hips

Love: You can expect a long-term and stable love relationship.

Physical Description/Qualities: Stable, reliable, consistent, goal-oriented

Timing: The Lenormand Anchor usually doesn’t point to something happening quickly. While traditionally, it has been used to represent September in timing spreads, it can equally point to something that will last for an extensive period of time, even years.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Anchor represents the Nine of Spades. This isn’t the most favorable of cards since it typically announces separations, divisions, and failures.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Anchor Card Combinations

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  1. Amaril Andras says:

    Hello LE! Thank you for this website and sharing your knowledge with the world! Your lessons are a real gem for those who wants to learn about Lenormand card reading!

    I was always wondering about the logic behind the meanings -associations of Lenormand with the cartomancy cards. At first look, I’d expect their meaning to be the same (to express the same ideas). But it’s obviously not so in many cases. For example Anchor: ‘STABLE, reaching one’s goals, settling down, reliable’. 9 of Spades: separations, divisions, and failures. In this case it looks to me like the cartomancy card would express the opposite/reverse meaning of the Lenormand card. Or, as a completion (extended range) of it.

    I would be very much interested to read about your input re.: what do you think is the logic behind those associations?

    Or, except maybe for the Court cards where it is more easy to get the relationship Lenormand/Cartomancy-association to the cards, how would you use in a reading (if at all) the cartomancy meaning for the Anchor card??

    Thank you; I’m eager to read more posts by you!. And if you ever publish a book about Lenormand divination I’ll be the first to buy it!

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Amaril, you’re not the only one that’s been scratching their heads about Cartomancy vs Lenormand meanings.

      Frankly, the majority of people will find the court cards handy, if only to use them as people cards. However, that doesn’t answer your question about the logic behind the card inserts and the Lenormand symbol.

      What I have found over the years, however, is that the cards can be read Lenormand fashion, and then read separately in Cartomantic fashion. I find it gives an extra layer of information that you wouldn’t normally get by doing only the one method. However, when you do that, I find you need to use Cartomancy methods vs Lenormand methods to read meanings. For example, instead of applying knighting, you read the cards in blocks of threes. So, in a GT, the 1st 3 cards, then cards 4 to 6, etc. In fact, when people ask me to read for them, I tend to read the 1st three cards Lenormand fashion, then Cartomantic fashion. They will have some uncanny information to reveal, every time.

      So, if you use the Anchor’s in the Lenormand reading (using knighting, mirroring, etc), then you could use the Cartomantic 9 of Spades as part of a series of 3 cards and see if it gives you any more insights.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Thank you very much for your answer and insight Stephen! That’s an interesting idea! If I ever get to learn cartomancy I’ll try it for sure (my big love is Tarot, for years, and no matter what other form of divination I am trying I am back to tarot shortly – this time, thanks to your website I manage to stick with Lenormand too. I think it worth to learn Lenormand too as it gives a complete different type of reading). Thanks again,

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