Lenormand Bear Card Combinations

These Lenormand Bear combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. This is not an exhaustive list of combinations. As you learn Lenormand, you’ll find that the number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, use this guide to Lenormand Bear card combinations help you in your studies.

Bear + rider (1): message about money, money is coming

Bear + clover (2): prosperity, good luck gambling

Bear + ship (3): expensive trip, international investment

Bear + house (4): real estate agent, house expansion

Bear + tree (5): healthy diet, nutrition

Bear + clouds (6): financial uncertainty

Bear + snake (7): financial problems, financial deceit, boss and a woman, mother and a woman

Bear + coffin (8): ill mother/grandmother, financial loss

Bear + bouquet (9): prosperity, great boss

Bear + scythe (10): financial decision, money coming to an end, closing an account

Bear + whip (11): financial problems, arguments about money

Bear + birds (12): conversations about money, conversations with a boss or mother, financial negotiations

Bear + child (13): overweight child, strong child, grandmother and granddaughter, new start financially

Bear + fox (14): job in the finance or health industry, financial lies, dishonest boss

Bear + stars (16): financial improvement

Bear + stork (17): change in finances, diet changes, new boss

Bear + dog (18): friendly boss, personal trainer, nutritionist

Bear + tower (19): courthouse, bank

Bear + garden (20): working out or dieting with a group of people, CEO

Bear + mountain (21): financial blocks, income is delayed

Bear + crossroad (22): financial decision, multiple sources of income, boss/mother figure makes a decision

Bear + mice (23): financial loss, financial worry

Bear + heart (24): generous with money, love of power, love of food, in love with one’s boss

Bear + ring (25): financial agreement, relationship with a powerful person

Bear + book (26): financial secret, unknown man, audit

Bear + letter (27): invoice, financial news, check in the mail

Bear + man (28): powerful man, overweight man, bodybuilder

Bear + woman (29): mother, woman and her boss, overweight woman, powerful woman

Bear + lily (30): 2 men, older person with money, business partner, financial advisor

Bear + sun (31): financial success, prosperity

Bear + moon (32): money from creative endeavors

Bear + key (33): financial success

Bear + fish (34): financial business, a lot of money, diet industry

Bear + anchor (35): financial stability, long-term boss

Bear + cross (36): financial burden, donations

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