Lenormand Cross Card Combinations

Lenormand Cross Card Combinations

These Lenormand Cross card combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. Don’t try to memorize them because the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. Until then, let these Lenormand Cross card combinations guide you.

Cross + rider (1): help is on its way, destined visitor

Cross + clover (2): improvements, hope

Cross + ship (3): difficult journey, fated trip

Cross + house (4): church, mosque, temple, synagogue, destined house

Cross + tree (5): backache, health concerns

Cross + clouds (6): guilt, depression

Cross + snake (7): lack of control, burdened woman

Cross + coffin (8): grief, depression, spiritual transformation

Cross + bouquet (9): improvement, relief, desired/happy destiny

Cross + scythe (10): accident, sudden pain

Cross + whip (11): physical abuse, unavoidable conflict

Cross + birds (12): hard conversations, counseling

Cross + child (13): spiritual child, painful child birth, baptism

Cross + fox (14): difficult job, addiction

Cross + bear (15): powerful ally, financial burden, financial donation

Cross + star (16): prayer, fate

Cross + stork (17): improvement, destined change

Cross + dog (18): counselor, help from a friend

Cross + tower (19): religious/spiritual center, legal burdens, problems with the government

Cross + garden (20): support network, cemetery, fated meeting

Cross + mountain (21): loneliness, suicidal thoughts

Cross + crossroad (22): difficult decision, painful parting

Cross + mice (23): depression, emotional breakdown, suicidal thoughts

Cross + heart (24): heartache, destined love

Cross + ring (25): difficult commitment, painful relationship, remorse

Cross + book (26): religious documents, Bible, Koran, trouble keeping a secret

Cross + letter (27): difficult news, bad news, destined message

Cross + man (28): religious man, guilty, depressed

Cross + woman (29): spiritual woman, in pain, tired

Cross + lily (30): sexual dysfunction, pains associated with old age

Cross + sun (31): destined success, relief

Cross + moon (32): self-sacrifice, fated recognition

Cross + key (33): destiny

Cross + fish (34): charity, non-profit organization, spiritual/religious business, financial burdens

Cross + anchor (35): challenging work, regret, destined work

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