Lenormand Cross Meaning

Keywords: PAIN, burden, destiny, fate, suffering, religion

General Description: The Lenormand Cross is usually a card of pain and suffering. It can represent good things, such as something being destined, if there is a positive card next to it. Otherwise, it typically points to difficult times, physical and/or emotional pain, despair, or a guilty conscience.

The Lenormand Cross also represents all religions.

Career: You might experience job difficulties.

Possible jobs: Priest, minister, Pope, rabbi

Health: You might experience physical or emotional pain.

The Body: Lower back

Love: You might experience unhappiness in love.

Physical Description/Qualities: Depressed, sad, in pain, stressed, weak, tired, suffering

Timing: The Lenormand Cross traditionally represents immediately.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Cross represents the Six of Clubs. It’s about problems and difficulties arising in projects and in your goals.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Cross Card Combinations

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