Lenormand Heart Meaning

Keywords: LOVE, passion, romance, generosity, caring

General Description: The Lenormand Heart is a pretty straightforward card. As you can easily guess, it’s about love. It isn’t necessarily romantic love, as it can also indicate the love between friends and family members. Whenever you have a question about love, the Heart is the card on which you focus.

If someone is having an affair, the Heart often shows up to represent the other person in the relationship (e.g., the mistress). It is possible to have the Snake appear as the other woman, but the Heart is still nearby.

If someone is having trouble deciding between two people, the Heart will often represent one of the people. This is due to the cartomancy connection to the Jack of Hearts (see below).

When the querent is in a relationship and the Heart doesn’t appear between the querent and his/her partner, it can indicate a lack of passion or two people who have forgotten why they are together.

When interpreting the Heart, always keep in mind that it is a card of emotions. It doesn’t indicate commitment.

Career: You’re putting everything you have into your career. You’re quite passionate about what you do.

Possible jobs: Matchmaker, heart surgeon, couple’s therapist, wedding planner

Health: Usually indicates you should get out there and enjoy life.

The Body: Heart

Love: Love is on its way. Could indicate the love of your life. Also describes your current love life.

Physical Description/Qualities: Generous, romantic, affectionate, light brown or blond hair

Timing: The Lenormand Heart indicates the hottest time of summer when passions are at their highest – August.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Heart represents the Jack of Hearts. It indicates a serious young man with light colored hair. He tends to have clear intentions and an air of grace and nobility.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Heart Card Combinations

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