Lenormand Snake Meaning

Keywords: DECEPTION, cheating, betrayal, manipulation, seduction, a woman, pipes, hoses, drains.

General Description: The Lenormand Snake has two key meanings. On the one hand, it can simply mean a woman, usually with dark hair. On the other hand, the Lenormand Snake can reference all kinds of problems – betrayal, backstabbing, manipulation, and deceit.

Career: Your career is problematic. There’s trouble. Watch out for someone you work with who might be causing problems, maybe without you even knowing it.

Possible jobs: Psychologist, plumber, exotic dancer

Health: There could be a health issue you need to get checked out.

The Body: Intestines

Love: You might have a rival.

Physical Description/Qualities: short, dark hair; seductive, cheater, malicious

Timing: The snake is connected to the number 7. It can mean July, 7 days, 7 weeks, or 7 months. If the mountain is present, it can mean 7 years.

Cartomancy: The Lenormand Snake represents a dark-haired woman who is serious, intelligent and influential.

Card Combinations: Lenormand Snake Card Combinations

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