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Lenormand Snake Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Snake combinations was created to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. It isn’t an exhaustive list, but is meant to help you learn Lenormand. Soon, you will know how to make your own card combinations, and you’ll discover that the list of possible Lenormand card combinations is endless. Until then, let this list of Lenormand Snake card combinations guide you.

Snake Lenormand 0

Lenormand Snake Meaning

Keywords: DECEPTION, cheating, betrayal, manipulation, seduction, a woman, pipes, hoses, drains.

General Description: The Lenormand Snake has two key meanings. On the one hand, it can simply mean a woman, usually with dark hair. On the other hand, the Lenormand Snake can reference all kinds of problems – betrayal, backstabbing, manipulation, and deceit.